April 8th, 2013


The Parking Spot and car2go: Airport shuttle parking is Now Available!



We are very excited to announce that car2go Austin is partnering with The Parking Spot! We have teamed up with The Parking Spot to offer eight designated car2go parking spaces at their location adjacent to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Service begins April 11th, 2013.

Each time you start or end a trip at The Parking Spot there will be an additional $5 charge. The charges will be billed separately to your car2go account on Mondays.

Check out how the service works by watching this short VIDEO or read on to learn more.


Parking at The Parking Spot:

  1. Locate the nearest car2go
  2. Drive your car2go to The Parking Spot (1600 Highway 71 East, Austin, Texas 78742)
  3. At the entrance, stay to the right and pull through the “self parking” lane
  4. Take a ticket to allow for entrance to the lot. You do not need to keep the ticket. Leave it in the car or take it with you to throw away later.
  5. Follow the car2go parking signs to the right. You will see the car2go designated spaces straight ahead. Please remember to only end your trip in designated car2go parking and overflow spaces.

Parking your car2go:

  1. There are 4 full parking spaces that will each fit two car2go vehicles. Pull all the way forward to make space for another car2go to park behind you.
  2. Remove all of your belongings, put the key back in the holder and use your member card to end your trip.
  3. You must end your trip. No stopovers will be allowed.
  4. Stay at your vehicle and The Parking Spot shuttle will come pick you up.

Picking up a car2go at The Parking Spot:

  1. Upon your arrival at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, open the car2go app on your phone to see if there are any available car2gos at The Parking Spot*. Be sure to reserve a car to avoid another member taking the last vehicle. Be aware that reservations expire after 30 minutes.

*Don’t have a smart phone? Call our 24/7 call center, 877.488.4224 (the number on the back of your member card), and we’ll locate and reserve a car2go for you.

  1. After you have retrieved your luggage, go to The Parking Spot shuttle and tell them you have reserved a car2go. Do NOT rely on the shuttle driver to tell you if there is an available car2go at The Parking Spot. Check your app!
  2. The shuttle will drop you off at your reserved car2go where you can use your member card to begin your trip.
  3. Drive back into the car2go Home Area and end your trip at your final destination.


Airport Shuttle Parking Q&A


Q: What should I do if The Parking Spot has a “Lot Full” sign posted at the entrance?

A: The “Lot Full” signs mean that there are no regular spaces available. Don’t worry; there is always space for a car2go. The parking attendants will direct you on where to park your car2go.


Q: Do I need to keep the ticket I received at the entrance to The Parking Spot?

A: No. You do not need to keep the ticket. The Parking Spot attendants will know car2go doesn’t have to  pay.


Q: Can I double park car2gos in the designated parking spaces?

A: Yes! If you are the first car in the space, please pull all the way forward. Another car will be parking behind you. If you’re the second car, pull as close to the first car as possible. Our cars like to be cozy!


Q: What if all the car2go designated spots are full?

A: The Parking Spot has provided overflow parking for car2go vehicles. Please see an attendant for more information and instructions about the overflow parking.


Q: What if I am having technical issues ending my trip and am worried about missing my flight?

A: Leave the keys in the emergency drop-box next to the car2go designated spaces and call the 24/7 call center at 877-488-4224 on your cell phone while on The Parking Spot shuttle to the airport. The number is also on the back of your member card.


Q: Do I have to pay The Parking Spot for using the designated car2go parking spaces?

A: No, your account will be billed $5 for each trip to and from ABIA on the Monday following your car2go trip. You do not need to exchange any money at The Parking Spot for the cost of parking, but please remember you can always tip your shuttle driver.


If you have any questions, please call 877.488.4224 or email

Happy Driving!

Your car2go Austin Team